Moving Forward

1. Spread the word!

Once your website is live, the most important thing to do is drive traffic to it. This improves the time it takes for google to index it and it improves your SEO rankings immediately. Here are some ways to spread the word:

  • Social Media – use your network of Facebook friends, Instagram followers, family and co-workers to get the word out. A shared post can go a long way. Use as many social networks as you are active on. 
  • Word of Mouth – probably the most powerful referral. Tell those around you, anyone and everyone wanting to share in your excitement about your new website. 
  • Email newsletter – if you have an email list, be sure to let your current clients know about your new website. Be sure to let them know how your website will add value to them. 

2. Ask for Reviews

Online reviews are more important than ever. Businesses are found online and potential customers will look at reviews before making a sale, booking or appointment. I recommend the following ways of getting a review:

  • Google review – this is highly recommended as google reviews are generally what pops up during an initial search. Send your customers your google review link. To generate a direct link go to:
  • Facebook review – a good reputable spot for customer reviews. Feel free to ask customers to leave a review on your Facebook page and have them share it.  Or get permission or you to share it. 
  • Testimonials for Website – after your website is live, I recommend gathering as many testimonials as possible to post on the website. (Gather them from Facebook, google or via email) and we can set up a testimonials page. Potential clients will often look for reviews ON the website as well as on other platforms.

3. Keep your site Fresh & Updated

After your website has been live for a while, I recommend you keep it fresh. Particularly if you have a site with repeating visitors. Here are some suggestions:

  • Change Out Images – try to do this at least 1-3 times per year. For the user it looks like you are taking the time to update your site and it instills trust in the current information and in your business.
  • Colours/Layout – make cosmetic changes, a few colours here and there or adjusting graphics will keep clients coming back.
  • Keep information updated – if information, staff, hours or services change for your business, be sure to change the website too. Nothing worse than a client reading something or looking for a specific staff member and that information is not up to date. 

4. Build site Content

A website is viewed by google as active or inactive. If a site is driving traffic, getting new and existing users, being updated, posting new blogs and content it is seen as “active”. If the site is not being managed, updated or taken care of, it can impact your SEO ranking. Here are some thoughts on how to build your website content:

  • Blog – websites with blogs generally drive 30-40% more traffic to their sites. Google often picks up blog posts before website pages. If you can contribute good, lasting content that is valuable to your customers, you will drive more traffic. 
  • New Pages – if you have more services to add to your site, do it. You can also update your social media introducing these new pages and then driving more traffic to your site.
  • New or updated Content – make changes as your services or industry changes. As your business grows with your industry so your website needs to grow. Google will recognize even small adjustments. 

5. Protect your website

Currently over 50% of all web traffic are spammers, bots, malware and hackers. I highly recommend that you sign up for a security plan to suit your needs and to give you peace of mind knowing that your site is protected.

Lastly, please leave a testimonial!

If you had a wonderful experience working with me on your project, please tell me about it. It will go a long way with my future potential clients.