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We want to share some important tips and tricks to grow and improve your digital presence. 

How to change your email password

For the interest of privacy, you might want to choose your own password for your email accounts Note: you will need to know the current password to change it here. If you have forgotten your password, you will need to contact me to reset your password. Navigate to Webmail Log in with your:Full...

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How does the POPI act relate to website owners?

As a web designer I am not qualified to make legal suggestions but I have noticed that many website owners are not aware of the legal requirements when they have a website. This article is a summary of what is expected, why, who it relates to and what is needed.   WHAT IS POPI? The POPI Act...

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Set up your email on your devices

How to receive your emails on android and outlook Congratulations! You made a wise choice in choosing Web Chameleon Hosting. We have partnered with a leading hosting provider in South Africa and take care of all issues pertaining to your website and emails on your behalf. Our hosting package also...

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Add a link to facebook cover image

  Link your facebook cover page to your website. Yes! It is possible to direct facebook users to your website from your facebook business page when they click on your cover image. Another reason to have a great cover image. But more about that at another time. Let's take a look at the steps...

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How to find your Facebook pixel

Your facebook pixel should be associated with the facebook account that is managing the facebook page of your business.  Navigate to in your browser.  If you already have a facebook business account setup then your name will appear in the top right hand side. If not,...

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Setup your domain email in Gmail

The Gmail interface might be more familiar to you and it can be accessed from any online computer or device. Another added advantage is that it allows you 15GB of storage which ultimately saves you hosting fees   Let's setup the email   Browse to Gmail and log in Select Settings icon...

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Improving your google ranking on google search

Congratulations on your new website! That was the first step in creating a digital presence for your business. Now you need to create traffic to your website to create leads for profit but also to rank your website on Google pages. According to google's algorithm, the more clicks you have, the...

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How important is a website to a business?

These benefits to having a website certainly makes a good argument on the subject: It is cheaper than any advertising and it stays online as long as you want it to. 30% of consumers will only consider a business with a website. People are more likely to search for a product or service on the...

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Get more google reviews for your business

Why a google business review? Internet users trust and are influenced by online reviews. So, having an indication of the quality of your services in Google’s search result can be a powerful way to stand out from the crowd. Studies show that 84% of people give as much authority as a personal...

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