Why a google business review?

Internet users trust and are influenced by online reviews. So, having an indication of the quality of your services in Google’s search result can be a powerful way to stand out from the crowd. Studies show that 84% of people give as much authority as a personal referral from a friend or family member to a review.

The most genuine and natural looking reviews are the ones that customers leave without any prompting. That’s not to say you can’t prompt someone into writing a review by asking them directly what they thought of your business and if they minded leaving a review.

A review increases your Search Engine Optimization on google local listings and thereby increases the click rate.

Your customers will however need a Google (gmail) account to be able to leave one.


How to find the link to use in your email when asking for a review:

1. Search for your business on Google (better from a desktop)

3. Click “Write a review”

4. Now select the entire link at the top and copy it. This link is what you can provide to people.

Of course, you can shorten the link to make it more presentable by dropping it in Google’s link shortening tool here: https://goo.gl/



And lastly:

  • Make it Easy to Leave Reviews
    Your website and social media accounts should prefarably be encouraging people to leave feedback and actively show them how to, by linking to it.
  • Integrate with your Email Marketing
    If you are running an email marketing campaign, ask people what they thought of your business or services and encourage them to write a review if they were impressed. You could even incorporate a call to action (CTA) on your email auto signature with a link to your Google My Review page.