The Gmail interface might be more familiar to you and it can be accessed from any online computer or device. Another added advantage is that it allows you 15GB of storage which ultimately saves you hosting fees


Let’s setup the email


  • Browse to Gmail and log in
  • Select Settings icon from top right menu, choose settings from the dropdown menu
  • Select Accounts and Import
  • Select Add a mail account
  • Enter your email address, select Next
  • Select Import emails from my other account (POP3)


Check that:

the username is the full email address, that the password is included and that the POP server has the prefix mail, before the domain name


  • Select Add Account
  • Now you need to select Yes to send mail from this account, select Next
  • Untick Treat as an alias
  • Select Next step
  • Send mail through your SMTP server, select the 2nd option.

Ensure that:

The SMTP server has the  prefix smtp before the domain name, that the username is the full email address and that the password in included

  • Select Add account
  • Lastly, open your gmail mailbox and click the link on the confirmation email.


Your domain mail is now set up to be accessed via Gmail.