These benefits to having a website certainly makes a good argument on the subject:

  • It is cheaper than any advertising and it stays online as long as you want it to.
  • 30% of consumers will only consider a business with a website.
  • People are more likely to search for a product or service on the internet.
  • It gives you better reach to the customer outside of your local area and also within.
  • It is easier to get people to visit your website from the comfort of their homes than it is to get them to visit your store personally.
  • It is the only place where you have control over the look and feel of your brand and can display content as you wish. Call it your online shop window.
  • The price of having a website is much lower than the price of getting left behind.

Without a website you run the risk of losing business from a very large market of potential clients. As you begin to think about all the benefits of having a website, I’m sure you can see just how a valuable tool this will be for your business.

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