For the interest of privacy, you might want to choose your own password for your email accounts

Note: you will need to know the current password to change it here. If you have forgotten your password, you will need to contact me to reset your password.

  1. Navigate to Webmail
  2. Log in with your:
    Full email address, e.g. and
    Email password (remember, passwords are case-sensitive)
  3. Click on Settings (the cog icon at the top right) 
  4. Click Manage Mailbox in the left menu
  5. You now need to again log in with your mailbox password
  6. Click the Change password button
  7.  Enter and verify your new password
  8.  Click Update Mailbox at the bottom of the page

If you make use of an email program to access your email, it is important that you update your email program with your new password.